Top 10 games October 2018

Top 10 best games October 2018 || Games for Android and iOS

Today is the 9th of October 2018. As I promised to explore Top 10 Games every month. So, I am here with the list of top 10 best games October 2018 which supports cross-platform, I mean games of the month for Android as well as iOS.

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There are lots of game which are released in the last month, and this article will be very interesting as all the games we were going to show you really very good. Out of all the recent launches we have picked the top 10 best games October 2018 for Android and iOS. We select these games on the basis of gameplay, graphics, and how addictive these games are. A usual I am going to show you in random order.


  • Scape Legacy 3D


Top 10 games October 2018

The first game in this list is Scape Legacy 3D. This is a first-person puzzles game. Here we have to take control of Erica and help her to find secrets behind the ancient scroll. Here explore turns of room and you need to observe everything in the room for close and hidden items. The puzzles are very difficult and required lots of patients. One thing which you will immediately like about the game is the graphics. The graphics are the best that I have seen in this type of games and the controls are pretty responsive.

In terms of gameplay, you interrupt with the objects and also you need to observe everything around with your eyes and use logical thinking to calculate and search the puzzles. You can play this game in touch mode or TV mode with the controller. Overall there are 10 levels and 80 plus rooms to explore. Escape Legacy is one of the best game I have played this month. There is also a VR version of it and this game is available on the other platform. In the free version, there are only one level unlock and you will have to pay for the rest of the level.


  • Epic Journey

Top 10 games October 2018

The next game of this list is Epic Journey. This is also a role-playing game with lots of questions. You need to solve the puzzle and guide your character Ethan in his destiny to find the lost dragon mysteries. The visuals of the game are pretty good and with the exciting gameplay, this game is defiantly very addictive. Apart from the graphics, the sound effect and the background music goes very well with the overall theme of the game. Overall Epic Journey is a wonderful role-playing puzzle game. So download this game and start your journey.


  • Darts Club

Top 10 games October 2018

Darts Club is the 3rd number game of the list top 10 best games October 2018. It is a multiplayer dart game which you can play with the multiple players over the world in real time. The gameplay of the Darts Club is not as Dart Game, but it’s very interesting. In the game when you matches, you unlock new pieces which can be used to customize your darts. You can get the new panel, sharp and give anew unique looks to your darts. Overall it’s a multiplayer dart game with decent graphics and gameplay. If you like to play the Real-time multiplayer game, then defiantly check it out.


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  • Prince of Persia

Top 10 games October 2018

The game in our list is Prince of Persia. If I am not wrong you have played Prince of Persia in the PC which was really good. That was one of the best game in those days. Nowadays classic game is back and it’s finally available for mobile. Unlike the original game, jump and avoid the obstacles in order to clear the level. The game is defiantly addictive. Once you start playing the game, you can’t realize how long you have played this game. The graphics of the game is very close to the original and the sound effect. There are few things missing, such a control. You can’t control the movement of your character. Still, it is a wonderful game.


  • Stand-off-2

Top 10 games October 2018

The stand-off is back is with the second version of the game which offers dynamic first-person shooting experience. In the game you have three games mode such as- death match, diffuse the bomb and the arms race. The concepts of the game are very close to Counter Strick, where you select team between terrorist and counter-terrorist. There is a total five match to play and the graphics are pretty good. The game is very smooth and the concepts are very responsive. You can play this game with the other people in the multiplayer mode or play with your friends. The game also supports text and voice chat during the gameplay. Overall if you are looking for a Counter Strick go alternative for your phone, then defiantly try out this game.


  • Classic Car Parking

Top 10 games October 2018

There are lots of car parking game available on Google Play Store as well as on App Store. But this game is taken up to the next level. So basically, the car parking game helps to develop your parking skill in real life. In this game, you need to take your car to the finish point without a touching the obstacles. The graphics are really very good, but the thing which I really like about this game is the responsiveness of the game controls. We have the starring wheel in the left side and in the right you have the acceleration paddle. There are 200 levels in the game and each offers a unique gaming experience. Overall with good graphics and gameplay, this game is definitely the best car parking game available on the play store. So definitely click here to download and play this game.


  • Contra Returns

Top 10 games October 2018

The classic game Contra is back and now it offers high definition graphics, 3D character, and also amazing sound effect. The character is the same as the original game and also the gameplay is very similar. No doubt on an 8-bit console Contra was one of the favorite game and playing it on a mobile fell very good. The best part of the game is the sound track, which is also similar to the original game. This side-scrolling shooting action game is our “favorite game of the month”.  With the amazing graphics, sound effect, and the gameplay everything is best you can expect from this game. Contra Returns is not available to download from the all-region, but you can download from the other websites. For more information Click Here.


  • Best Rally

Top 10 games October 2018

The next game of our list top 10 best games October 2018 is Best Rally. In the game, you race on the track and find the best racing line in order to reach the finish point as soon as possible. There are 30 tracks and 9 cars to choose from and talking about the gameplay. It is simple and you need to control the car direction by touching the right or left side of the screen. In this game, the goal is to reach to the finish point under the specific time and get all 3 stars. Overall this minimalistic racing game is a good time pass and with the variety of race track, you will definitely not get boar by playing this game.


  • Bendy in Nightmare Run

Top 10 games October 2018

Bendy in Nightmare Run is an action pack runner game. The first thing in the game you will notice is the graphics, which is good but it is all in black and white. In this game, you are playing as Bendy. Bendy can jump, swap, and dash, and counter-attack on your enemy with different weapons. You can collect different weapons and level up your character and improve your ability. There are 4 unique carton walls and can also customize your character as you robarge. Overall with the decent back and white graphics and concepts Bendy in nightmare run game is very wonderful.


  • Space Pioneer

Top 10 games October 2018

As I am discussing the top 10 best games October 2018 for Android and iOS. Space Pioneer is the last game of our list. It is an alien shooting game where explore galaxies is an intergalactic alien shooter. You can discover new planets and killing inventors in starting with powerful weapons. The graphics are pretty good. But the controls of the gameplay makes it very wonderful to play. As you progress in the game, you will get cars by which you can upgrade your character and skills. In order to complete you need to entire enemies. Levels are short but sharp, you get different objects at the beginning of the level. Some of the objectives are to capture a tour or power on the windmill, which will perform by a circle defining your enemies. Overall with the good graphics, design and smooth controls Space Pioneer is a wonderful game of our list top 10 best games October 2018 for Android and iOS.



So, the above-mentioned game is the top 10 best games October 2018. Some of the games support only Android Platform and rest are support cross-platform. If you like this article, do share with your friends and never forget to leave a comment that which game you like most.


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