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Pubg mobile updates || Latest pubg mobile updates 0.9.0

Hello! How are you guys? I think everything is good. Once again, S.KHAN is here with the most interesting topics of the gaming world. Today I am going to discuss pubg mobile updates. As you know PUBG is the most trending games over the world. They often try to update new features to the game and that’s why I am here to introduce that pubg mobile new updates with you. Before starting the topic Latest pubg mobile updates, let’s have a look at my personal view on pubg mobile.

pubg mobile updates

My personal view on pubg mobile

From my personal experience, I am sure that pubg or player’s unknown battleground is the most addictive, realistic online multiplayer game. It supports cross-platform. This is available on Google Play Store and as well as on App Store for the iPhone user. The game pubg was released on 23 March 2017 in access beta version. This game developed and published by a well-known video game company PUBG Corporation. PUBG Corporation is a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. PUBG Mobile was released by the Tencent gaming company in China.

Know about pubg mobile updates

PUBG Mobile global beta 0.9.0 is now available and it has a lot of new features and brand new Halloween theme. The game pubg mobile latest version 0.9.0 beta can be download and install on your Android Phone. To download and install the pubg latest 0.9.0 beta CLICK HERE. About the installation process, it’s very simple just download the apk and install it like the regular app. You don’t need to do anything else. After the installation of the latest pubg mobile 0.9.0, you will get the Halloween theme. As Halloween theme is on 31st of October 2018, so chances are that it will be released officially around that time. So, if you have tasted or installed the beta version of pubg mobile then you know that initially most of the players you will see in the games are bots. You can download the latest pubg mobile updates and try out some new features.


New features on pubg mobile updates 0.9.0

As you know pubg mobile regularly updates their data in every 3 months. So now they are ready to make another update on pubg mobile. I try my level best to list up all the features that will see you in the next pubg mobile update.

Random Changes may occur on pubg mobile update 0.9.0 such as

  • New menu screen and sub-menu backdrops
  • The new challenge in arcade mode.
  • The QBU Marksman Rifle will replace the Mini-14.
  • There will be a new day and night dynamic cycle for classic mode.
  • In Sanhok mode new Ronnie pickup truck will be available.
  • In the training ground, boots item will be available in the latest pubg mobile updates.

There will be a chance to update some new setting on the latest pubg mobile updates.

  • Peek and fire settings will be updated.
  • Vehicle radio music can be toggled under vehicle controls.
  • New quick change scope button menu added.

If you are a pubg mobile lover, then I think you know all the latest conditions of pubg mobile latest update. There are lots of bugs on the last update. In this pubg mobile updates 0.9.0, they try to solve the all bugs and blanching problems.

  • The sounds of some vehicles are improved and optimized.
  • The limb damages slightly reduce.
  • In this update, the UAZ will no longer randomly hit and knock out drivers or passengers.
  • The backpack capacity indicator should now read correctly. I think this will help everyone.
  • Till now, network problem during pubg mobile gameplay is the major issue. This problem fully optimize.

How to download latest pubg mobile updates 0.9.0

I think you are now ready to have some experience of latest pubg mobile updated version. Then why you are waiting. Just CLICK HERE to download the latest pubg mobile updated apk file.

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The above-mentioned features will available on the latest pubg mobile updates. If you think that something is missing, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment. So that I can improve the content quality. Moreover, if you like this article, please like and share with your friends to motivate me.


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