Top 10 best android games for Android and iOS

Top 10 best offline game for Android and iOS

Peoples are nowadays more passionate about gaming. According to the various search engine, it has been found that more than millions of people search to find the best android games. So, guys, we are here to discuss the top 10 best offline games for Android and iOS. In this site, you can search and find the topics on Android games, offline android games, top 10 best android games, games of the month, best android games, offline iOS games, etc.

Top 10 best offline game for Android and iOS


There are lots of game apps are available on Google Play Store as well as on App Store, but everyone wants to play the best one. So, we are here to explore the top 10 best offline games for Android and iOS.

The driver’s mission

Top 10 best offline game for Android and iOS

It’s a racing game. Basically, Racing games are so much popular among the user under 15 years old. The main cause is that racing games are not so much heavy as other game. So every mobile can operate it. The maximum file size 500 MB -750 MB. The Driver’s mission is a very famous racing game that is available on google play store as well as on App Store for iOS. But recently “The driver’s Mission” game has been removed from Google Play Store.

Kiss of war

Top 10 best offline game for Android and iOS

It’s a high-end shooting game on the iOS App Store. It is completely free of cost. It has a Sexy Agent and an active battlefield. The sound is the main things on shooting game. Kiss of war has a clear sound quality. In this shooting game a perfect shooting experience where bullets adhere to the laws of physics. Kiss of war has a total 4.4 rating out of 5. Maximum file size is Size 948.6 MB. The language supports only English.

Escape from Chernobyl

Top 10 best offline game for Android and iOS

Escape from Chernobyl is an Action game which is available on Google Play Store and on App Store. At the first time it was completely free but now it is paid on Android as well as for the iOS. It is not a very easy game to learn. In this game, you have to solve the “unsolved mystery”. This game is also best experienced by playing with headphones.

Gibbets: Bow master

This game is developed by a well-known gaming company “HeroCraft Ltd”. In this game, there is a hanging man in front of you and you have to save that victim by using cross Bow. The main thing in the game is to maintain your timing to save the victim until his last breath. The file size of the game about 33 MB. This game supports the Android and the iOS version. 4.2 out of 5 rating on Google Play Store and 4.6 out of 5 on App Store.

Shaq Fu

In this game, Shaq Fei Hung is the main hero to save us from demons. Because the gameplay of this game is very simple to understand. Demons are sent to destroy the world, then Shaq Fei Hung is the only one to save us. “Shaq Fu” is developed by “Mad Dog Games, LLC” company. This game is available on Google Play Store as well as on App Store. Total rating is 4.5 out of 5.

Escape legacy 3D

It’s one kind of Adventurous game developed by “Storming Tech” company. This game is filled with mysterious puzzles. Erica is the Heroine of this game. She has to complete the hidden mysterious puzzles within the time because time is fixed. This game supports only first-person mode. It has a fully animated well-designed character. It is compatible with all Bluetooth gamepad. Escape Legacy 3D is available on Android smartphone only.

Table Tennis Touch

This is a sports type game which is developed by “Yakuto” company for Android and iOS operating system. It’s a ping pong perfection game. Table tennis Touch is an awesome game. The graphics are stunning, controls are spot on, down to the slightest nuance in order let each individual player tweak and fine tune to their exact likings. Even when playing the computer it doesn’t feel like a cheat or pushing you to pay in order to win. Hopefully, word gets out and more people start playing so the “local area” gets filled up and there’s a chance for someone on one live action.

Stunt car

It’s a Racing game that supports only Android operating system. This game is developed by “Timuz Games” an Indian game Developing Company. Stunt Car is an all new cars stunting game where the main objective is to reach the finish point of the track with your vehicle intact and to perform the stunts on the way. 4.1 rating out of 5 on the Google Play Store.

Return to planet x

It’s a close combat single-player first-person shooter game which is developed by “Butterflyware Studios”. This game is only available for the Android operating system. In this game, the user has to smash the millions of alien bugs and shoot your way through the secret military base located on a distant planet. This game is compatible with all device run by android. It was free of cost but now you have to pay about 549.00 INR.

The pillar

The Pillar, it’s a puzzle game. It’s developed by “Rostislav Kaloc”. This game supports only Android operating system but the file size varies on the basis of the device. As I already told that this is a puzzle game, each level brings new challenges and your only hope is to find your way from the ever-changing maze of puzzles and mysteries.


So guys, this is the top 10 best offline game for Android and iOS. I hope you this article helps you, please leave your comments to improve.


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