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From my personal experience, I am pretty much sure that you are searching games like pubg. So, once again well come back to my site “Best Android Games”. As you know, this is my fresh website where I always try my level best to publish the new articles on android games, latest gaming accessories etc. Today in this article, I am going to discuss the top 15 best games like pubg. Nowadays pubg or player’s unknown battlegrounds is the most addictive and interesting game on the smartphone as well as on PC.

As I have already mentioned that pubg is the most trending game in the Google Play Store as well as on App Store. The China gaming company “Tencent” released the pubg mobile on 23rd March 2017. The game pubg already have millions of download. Everybody wants to play pubg on mobile or PC. Player’s Unknown Battle Ground is free on Google Play Store and on App Store. But you have to play minimum INR 1000 for the PC version.

India is a great market for Smartphone, most of the gamer from India uses Android Smartphone to play best addictive android games. Moreover, there are lots of mid-ranged mobile user who have maximum RAM of 1-2 GB on their mobile. Also, they can’t afford the high-end gaming PC. But they want to play pubg on their mobile or PC, which is not possible. That’s why I am here to explore a list of top 15 best games like pubg. So without delay, let get started.

List of top 15 best games like pubg

Like player’s unknown battleground, there are thousands of android game available on Play Store. But it is not so easy task to find the best one for you. On the basis of graphics, sound quality, gameplay, and network availability, I have selected top 15 best games like pubg. Some of the selected games are free and some of them are paid. Most of the below-mentioned games are cross-platform supported, but some of them support Xbox one, PC only. So let’s explore the list.

  • Pubg mobile lite

top 15 best games like pubg

A smaller version of pubg mobile is now available as the alternative of pubg mobile. This game is quite good especially because it takes significantly less space than pubg mobile. The graphics design, gameplay, and all the other things are same as the original version of pubg mobile. You can download it for Android from Google Play Store and for the iPhone and iPad, you have to download it from App Store. The gameplay of PUBG Lite is same as the full version of Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. So, if you have the mid-ranged device with minimum RAM, don’t worry, you can choose PUBG Lite as an alternative to PUBG MOBILE.

  • Fortnite

top 15 best games like pubg

Recently Fortnite release the game for multiple platforms. Now Fortnite is the main competitor of pubg. As I am discussing the games like pubg, so I have added the Fortnite game here. It’s support PC, PS4, Xbox One, iPad, iPhone, and Android. Fortnite is an open world survival game like pubg. This is a very addictive and interesting game, I think you shout try it.

  • GTA online: Motor War

top 15 best games like pubg

GTA online is the short form of Grand Theft Auto Online. This game supports PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As you all know that all the GTA is developed by Rockstar Game Company. This is the Special mode which was added to the GTA online in August 2017. This is the motors war version if GTA online.

  • Black ops 4 blackout

top 15 best games like pubg

This game is now available on Beta version, you can download it and dive into a slice of the best royal battle game ever. The game Black Ops 4 blackout is developed and published by “Treyarch Studio”.  As I mentioned this is in the beta version, but from everything we’ve seen so far, this is going to be your brand new PUBG replacement.

  • H1Z1: King of the kill

top 15 best games like pubg

This is one of the best games like PUBG is none other than H1Z1. It’s a free-to-play game and you can play solo, in twos or even in a group of five. H1Z1 supports only PC. Like pubg, the map in the game H1Z1 looks similar, with abandoned buildings and cars. Weapons and equipment have to be looted as well. The game H1Z1 is, however, bigger in size, and allows up to 150 players in a round.

  • Dying light: Bad blood

top 15 best games like pubg

This game is developed by the company Techland’s Creations. In this game, 12 players enter in a zombie-infested area and compete as one of 12 players to become the only survivor. You need to scavenge for weapons, destroy zombie hives to level up, and combine your advanced parkour mobility with brutal combat skills to outrun, outsmart, and outplay your opponents.

  • TABG- Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

top 15 best games like pubg

TABG or Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is one of the best Royal Battle open world survival video game like pubg. This game was developed and published by Landfall. It supports only on PC. The gameplay of TABG or Totally Accurate Battlegrounds similarly to other games in the Battle Royale genre. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is the perfect balance for the seriousness of PUBG. Treat yourself.

  • Arma 3

top 15 best games like pubg

This game is like PUBG. It is an open-world, realism-based, military tactical shooter video game. Arma 3 was developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. This is a single-player campaign has the player take control of U.S. Army soldier Corporal Ben Kerry. During the campaign, the player will face everything from lone wolf infiltration missions to the commanding of large-scale armored operations.

  • The culling

top 15 best games like pubg

This game primarily takes inspiration from the Japanese movie with the same name. In this game there were 16 players whack, shoot, and explode each other to death. The Culling game developed by Xaviant.

  • Rust: Battle Royale

top 15 best games like pubg

This game is only available for PC. Rust- the Battle Royale was developed by Facepunch Studios in February 2018. It is an open survival video game. The game Rust was created initially as a clone of DayZ, and other popular mod for ARMA 2 with crafting elements like those found in Minecraft.

  • Ark: Survival of the fittest

top 15 best games like pubg

It is an open survival game which supports PC, Xbox One, Play Station 4 and Smartphone. This game is developed on the basis of “Survival of the fittest” concepts. Ark is the only Battle Royale game where you’ll also be fighting alongside all manner of rancorous reptiles and barmy besties, where even Mother Nature herself is out to kill you.

  • Minecraft

top 15 best games like pubg

As you know that pubg is the most addictive last man standing royal battle game for multiple platforms. Before the release of PUBG, Minecraft was the only one last man standing royal battle game for you. It supports multiple platforms like PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, iPad, and Android. The graphics design of the game is not good, it’s only fit for your kids.

  • Rules of survival

top 15 best games like pubg

This game is very alike PUBG. It was developed and published by NetEase. It supports Android, iOS, PC and Mac platform. The game Rules of survival is much bigger in size than that of PUBG and H1Z1 as they allow up to 300 players around

Important Note: The developers of PUBG has brought a lawsuit against NetEase over PUBG copyrights, so we’ll see what happens in the future.

  • Realm Royale

top 15 best games like pubg

Paladins Battlegrounds is now named as Realm Royale. It is third-person (TPP) shooter video game which is developed and published by “Hi-Rez Studios”. The gameplay of the Realm Royale is pretty similar to other royal battle games. In this game, players must traverse a shrinking safe area, collect equipment such as weapons to fight and eliminate opponents, and aim to be the last remaining player.

  • Black Survival

top 15 best games like pubg

This game is developed for the Android and iOS only. Black survival is not an open world game. It is an extremely light game with file size just 53 MB. Though it’s not an open world game it has a real-time strategic role gameplay with a map to reach different parts of the place. The training mode of this game is very easy, it just took 10-12 minute to understand. The gameplay is pretty interesting, you can play with the 20 players. To win the game you have select various weapons from 600 variety of weapons. In the game Black Survival gameplay, there is no Medkit like PUBG.



The above-mentioned games are in the list of top 15 best games like pubg. Some of the game that listed above are supported multiple platforms and some of them only support the single platform like PC, Android or Play Station etc. I try my best to list the “games like pubg in 2018. Some of the listed games are free to use and some of them are paid.

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